Ewa starts all her paintings from an emotional standpoint and uses herself as the subject in all her works. Enigmatic bodies, both real and imagined, appear to fuse into one another in an otherworldly landscape.

With one foot in the past with the tradition of craft, and another in the present with contemporary ideas , Ewa uses Old Masters' techniques and adapts Medieval Alchemy painting recipes to depict nude visceral self portraits in a quirky style unique to the equally quirky artist.

The artisan is brought to the forefront in the artist's laborious and skilled technique which has received critical acclaim in both art and academic circles. Every brushstroke, pigment and piece of antique 18th century brocade Ewa paints upon has a lineage to the past. It tells a story of a human history.
ON CANVAS : THROES 2013, oil on canvas, 200 x 200 cm
Ewa by Ed Morris