‘The Marilyn Monroe of the Art World’, ‘Art’s New Venus’ , ‘Alien Dali’ and ‘Living Painting’ are just a few of the monikers attributed to the enigmatic young British artist - she simply goes by the name E W A.

Her meteoric rise from ingénue to icon has seen her influence not only transfix the art world with her record breaking exhibitions and accolades, but break through into public consciousness with her philanthropic projects, patronage to the arts and fashion and unique style of work.

Ewa made history when she became one of the youngest females ever to hold her debut solo show ‘T H R O E S’ at the Royal Academy of Art which cemented her status as one of the most exciting young British artists right now.

Since then, her work has been recognised internationally with exhibitions and performances in LA, New York, Berlin and Paris, and digital exhibitions using public billboards across all of London and London’s Underground TFL. Graduating only 3 years ago from Central St.Martins , London, the artist has rapidly built up a high profile and celebrity list of collectors and supporters of her art including David Lachapelle, Donatella Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Lulu Guinness, Adam Ant and Charlotte Tilbury.

Heralded as a ‘future one to watch’ by the Federation of British Artists, ‘creative entrepreneur’ by the Telegraph and ‘rising star’ by The Independent , Ewa’s art exists on canvas, beyond the canvas and in-between as an all-encompassing concept and, as such, manifests itself in film, fashion and fine art at its core.

The artist describes her work as ‘the skin in-between Jekyll and Hide’. She explores the perception and deception of identity in today’s culture, and questions the metamorphosis and manipulation of the self on a physical and psychological level: Oscar Wilde’s ‘ truth in masks’ and the persona’s we play in contemporary society.
Ewa by Ed Morris