Nasera K Hamdan

Since my early childhood I have been interested in Art.

Living in Bangor, North Wales, I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful scenery, dramatic seasonal changes, and an inexhaustible range of stunning colours and tones.

As I continue my lifelong fascination with the world of art I have endeavoured to explore and experiment with various techniques, eventually developing an individual style through which I hope to share my own passionate love of colour, form, and the sometimes overlooked details of life.

My artwork truly comes straight from my heart. It is original, contemporary, and rich in energy and colour.
I have developed a range of styles using charcoal, ink, Acrylic and mixed media to create my work.

A number of my original paintings are available as limited eddition prints, and I also make unique designer cards.

I am happy to discuss ideas for commissions and to produce pieces in response to personal taste, or to complement a particular colour scheme within your home.

Enquiries are welcome and can be made via the contact page on this website.