My name is David Sharp, I'm a photographer based in East Kent although originally from The People's Republic Of West Yorkshire.

Photography is my main passion and I try to dedicate as much time as I can to it as family and work allows.

I remember starting out in photography aged about ten with a Boots 110 camera that I used for a number of years before moving on to a basic 35mm point and shoot. Some years later my father passed his Pentax S1a on to me which he had used for many years. This camera is still going strong after over 30 years of use. I moved on to a Canon Sureshot A1 when I took up surfing and still use that today if I'm likely to get wet! In the last few years I moved over to digital and use mainly Nikon kit although in the summer of 2007 I spent a weekend in London with an old school friend who let me use his Hasselblad 500cm. Needless to say I got hooked on this "Rolls Royce" of cameras and it wasn't long before I had one myself although I'm still learning it's intricacies.

My portfolio is a mixture of digital and film using the following kit.

Nikon D200 my major workhorse
Nikon D2H for sports
Hasselblad 500CM for medium format landscapes and architecture
Pentax S1a for some of the older 35mm
Canon Sureshot A1 35mm
Canon Powershot A570IS for compact travel shots

Negatives and transparencies are scanned using an Epson V500 and processed using Adobe Photoshop.