About Burwash Monday Painters

The Burwash Monday Painters are a group of people who share an interest in painting and spend almost every Monday in pursuit of this pastime.
During the winter we meet in the Village Hall in Burwash where we have a programme of different projects arranged and suggested by the members. We have still life projects which are imaginative and original, life painting and some sessions lead by members with particular areas of expertise. Of course some members follow their own initiative and work on other projects of their own choosing.
In the summer we drive out into the countryside and paint the views and pretty corners in this beautiful county of ours. We love it. We always have a full programme of venues. We take our lunch with us and after a morning painting we meet and have our picnic together then resume our occupation once more.
Our Winter programme is from the beginning of October to the end of April. The summer programme begins in May and ends at the end of September.

Please come and visit our exhibitions.
We have an Autumn exhibition held in Burwash village hall. The next exhibition will be held on Saturday the 28th October, doors open
at 10.00am and close at 4.00pm, tea and coffee will be provided free.

Our artists work can also be seen at "The Hurst Green Community Shop and Center" where we have a permanent exhibition and where you will receive a warm welcome and an excellent cup of coffee should you go and see what we do.
Our next winter exhibition of original work completed by our members will be held at the Burwash Village Hall on Saturday October 29th. The exhibition opens at 10.00 am and will close at 4.00 pm. Please come along to find out more about our club and view the work of local artists, you can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with us.

New members are welcome, please complete the form on the "Contact us" page for further details.