I paint in my studio overlooking my garden, in a very small village in Dorset, surrounded by beautiful countryside. My love of gardening and flower arranging attracted me to paint the flora and fauna, when I started to paint in 2007.
I work mainly with watercolour, granite and more recently gouache. I find that watercolour gives my work delicacy and transparency, whereas gouache is more vibrant and dramatic. I also love to paint on vellum, which is excellent for painting fine detail and for giving luminosity.
Although a lot of my work is botanical in style, I endeavour to show my love and the beauty for the subject I am painting, rather than the pure botanical detail.
I have recently started painting birds working from my brother's photos. I use gouache on mount board for these paintings
I exhibit with The Dorset Art Weeks. In May 2016 I exhibited with the SBA exhibition in London, and I have also exhibited in Chichester with the SFP. The Dorset Art Weeks is a biennial event that runs for two weeks in May/June. The next DAW will be in 2018.