Our club is here not only to share an evening but also Member experience and that of our Lecturers. This section contains a number of online sites and articles to help you improve your craft.

If you're just starting out don't be afraid to ask anyone questions at the club meeting but here's a good starting point.

Please let our Webmaster know if you've found something you think other Members would find interesting.

Note: the links on this site are neither sponsored or recommended by the club - they have been suggested by other Members

Photography Techniques
DSLR Camera Simulator
Free Basic Introduction to Photography
Intermediate to advanced photographic techniques
Learn HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography
Guide to Extreme Macro (including Focus Stacking)
Want to learn more on how to keep your Landscapes sharp then see this on what Hyperfocal Distance is?
High Key Tutorial from club member Hugh Spence

Photography Genres
Lost for ideas of where to visit? - Try ShotHotSpot
Urban Exploration - Looking for somewhere Derelict to explore?!

General Training/Tutorials
Ken Payne - Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials
Kelby TV - Various weekly videos - Tutorials, Discussions etc
Camera Labs - Tutorials, Product reviews etc

If you're looking for something photography related whilst commuting to work then why not try out one of these podcasts? Load them onto your phone, mp3 player, tablet or computer and listen to them at your leisure.

Depth of Field Calculator

SIMLAB - Online Printers
Paper Spectrum - Mount Board