External competitions

At our club we take part in several external competitions during the year. These are competitions where we compete as a club against other clubs. Members of the club are very welcome to come to these competitions and we particularly encourage the authors of the competition images to come and support their image and club. They are an opportunity to meet other clubs and see some of their work. They fall into four categories:-
  1. Inter- club competitions with one other club. These are friendly affairs with a single judge who gives their opinion of our images. As with all other competitions, given a different judge on the night and you could get a different result. We have a long-standing annual event with Swavesey and for this we require only one image per member in order that there is a chance for both experienced and novice members to have a chance to represent the club. This is held at the participating clubs on alternate years.
  1. Inter-club event with more than one club. Again a single judge, but fewer images per club and a more intense battle.
  1. Invitation events. A larger number of clubs are invited to participate, usually on a weekend, and again a single judge will give his or her opinion on the images. Last year we participated in the Cambridge Inter-club Competition, The St Ives Interprint, and the Brotherhood cup at Peterborough. These are much more serious affairs and attract quite stiff opposition. Typically there will be only six or eight images per club.
  1. Federation events are much more serious events again. The EAF has around 120+ clubs and all of them are invited to enter, though only a few dozen do. It is probably fair to say that a good picture here will stand a very good chance of getting an exhibition acceptance at any open competition held in this country. There are three judges who each give a score between 2 and 5 and some images that get 10s at their local club monthly competitions may struggle to get a 9 here. These competitions are held to decide which of the clubs in our region will represent the EAF at the PAGB club championships later in the year. Each club has to produce 25 images for this competition.
Rules for the competitions will typically have a limit on the number of nature pictures, a limit on number of pictures from any one author, and a limit on the ratio of monochrome to colour images.

In addition, the EAF has an annual exhibition for individual members, who can only enter through the club. Entries have to be submitted in March and this is also judged by three judges. A score of around 12 is usually required for acceptance to this exhibition.

Dates and details for 2016-2017 season

4 way competition at St Neots on 6th December. 8 prints and 8 PDIs per club. There is a maximum of 3 images per author.

St Neots 146 points Ely 139 points March 138 points ST Ives 135 points
St Ives 141 points Ely 140 points March 139 points St Neots 139 points
St Neots 285 points Ely 279 points March 277 points St Ives 276 points

Swavesey inter-club friendly at St neots 15th November. 12 prints and 12 PDIs per club, all by different authors. This is arranged so that some less experienced members have a chance of being selected to represent the clubs in competition.

St Neots 206 Swavesey 192
Swavesey 215 St Neots 201

Overall a draw with both clubs scoring 407 points. A great result for a friendly competition!

Cambridge Inter-club Digital competition. In mid January and numbers of clubs were limited to first 36 to apply. There are 6 PDIs per club and various rounds are set subject rounds with one open (any subject).

St Ives Interprint is held on a Saturday at the end of February (25th this year). 30 clubs take part and there are 8 prints per club with a maximum of two prints per author. Entries have to be in the organiser's hands for quite a while in advance (this year the last day was at the EAF AGM on 5th February) and should be accompanied by a PDI . This is quite a prestigious event and has PAGB patronage.

St Neots came 9th = with 133 points including a bronze medal for one of our prints.

Launceston twinning competition on 7th March 2017. This year the judge is Leo Rich ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/g HonPAGB and he has agreed to judge the pictures and send a written report to both clubs.

The Brotherhood Cup is held at Peterborough after our club has closed for the Summer. There are 8 images per club, not more than 32 per author, not more than 2 Nature, and not more than 2 monochrome images.

The EAF Club PDI Championships were held in February after the EAF AGM. It is open to entries from all the clubs in the EAF but this year only 33 clubs took part. There are 25 images per club but only the top few clubs after 15 rounds of judging will have their last 10 images judged. There is a limit of 5 images per photographer and 5 nature images.
this year we came 31st equal with 145 points

The EAF Club Print Championships are held on 12th March this year. It is open to entries from all the clubs in the EAF. There are 25 images per club but only the top few clubs after 15 rounds of judging will have their last 10 images judged. There is a limit of 5 images per photographer and 5 nature images and the ratio of colour to monochrome images must be between 9:16 and 16:9

For Individuals, the EAF organises the EAF Exhibition where individual club members may submit images through their club. Numbers are limited to 3 mono prints, 3 colour prints and 4 DPIS per member at a cost of 60p per entry. From these, an entry is chosen for a PAGB event where local federations in the PAGB compete against each other. For the last two years our club has had 6 acceptances to this event.

Individuals may also enter national and international exhibitions if they wish, but the club does not currently officially have anything to do with organizing this. We wish anyone taking this route the best of luck, however.