Data Protection Policy

The committee must be asked for approval if you wish to take photos in the name of the Club. Such images should always show the Club in a good light and not be inappropriate.

Requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998
The Act sets out a legal obligation concerning the processing of personal data; the Club Processes Personal Data relating to members in the course of running the club so has obligations under this Act.

Personal Data means: data by which you can be identified.
Processing means: collecting; recording; storing; presenting; altering; and destroying.

The Data Controller
The Membership Secretary is the Data Controller for the Club. He/she is responsible for ensuring the Club’s compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. He/she will answer queries about data protection and respond to requests from individuals to access their Personal Data.

Data Collected
The Club collects the following data: name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail, scores obtained in competitions, records of work shown at external competitions, permission to use images on the Club web site. Members are not required to provide e-mail address. Members may opt-out of receiving e-mail notifications by contacting the Membership Secretary.

Data is collected primarily via the membership form upon which there is a fair processing notice. From time to time other information is collected to help plan and manage the Club (e.g. questionnaires, studio night attendee list). The Club only asks for the data it needs to administer and promote the Club in line with the Constitution.

Recording and storing
Personal Data kept by the club is recorded and stored in:
  (a) the paper membership application or membership renewal form kept by the Treasurer; and
  (b) data extracted from the membership application or membership renewal form which will be stored electronically in
       a password secured file

The Committee Members have access to this data.

Data Processing
The Club will ensure that Personal Data is processed in accordance with the principles of data protection, as described in the Data Protection Act 1998.

Data used in Competitions & Presentations
Names and awarded scores will be attributed to photographs when they are presented.

Data Alteration
Data will be altered only on the request of the individual.

Data Destruction
The Club will destroy Personal Data held on paper and computer records two years after their membership has ended. All e-mails sent from the Committee to the membership will be BCC'd and deleted by the sender.

Data Security
Paper-based Personal Data will be kept by the Treasurer of the Club in a file at his or her home.

Electronic data is kept on Committee Members' personal computer(s) that includes an Excel file containing Personal Data for the current membership year and the previous membership year. The Excel file is password protected. This password will be known only by the Committee and changed periodically.

Data Sharing
Personal Data will only be used by Committee Members who need it to perform their designated function within the club.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except where required or authorised by law or with the prior agreement of the Member.