EAF Club DPI Championship

EAF Club DPI Championship

This competition is open to all clubs in the East Anglia Federation of Photographic Societies (EAF) and is for digital projected images (DPI). As a club, we enter 25 DPI.

The competition takes place during March 2019 so we need to select the DPI on the 18th December 2018, (though we may be able to delay this until 22nd January 2019, to be confirmed). The competition will take place at:

Townley Memorial Hall,
Home End,
CB21 5BS

The judge will be announced nearer the date.

The special rules set for this competition are that the club must select:

- Maximum 5 Natural History;
- Maximum of 5 images per author;
- Images from at least 5 authors;
- At least 9 monochrome images;
- At least 9 colour images.

With regards to the presentation, format, labelling, etc of the DPI, then our normal club rules apply, except:

- Maximum of 24 characters on file name.