"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live." (Auguste Rodin).

I graduated from Hereford College of Arts in July having taken a degree in Fine Art to push my boundaries further from the figurative.

The course encouraged me to deepen my investigation into my subject matter and the way I express my reactions to it, and to make informed choices about the materials I use.

During my last year, I was lucky enough to be able to work in an empty house, uninhabited since 1974 but with many of the original owners’ possessions still in place. Immersed in the unheimlich atmosphere my work became focussed on the desire to capture the haunting undersong of the place and the emotions and awareness that evoked in me.

This investigation also led me into exploring new grounds for the oil paint and mixed media work that evolved, and inspired by the palimpsestic nature of time and memories I turned to painting on plastered wooden panels, which allows me to mark, scratch and distress the surface both before and during the painting process.

The final work took the form of a triptych, ‘Passages’, comprised of Part 1, ‘Elements’; Part 2, ‘Connections’ and Part 3, ‘Traces’.

Realising towards the end of my Degree that I still had a long way to go on this artistic journey, I decided to continue my studies on the MA course, which will give me the opportunity to deepen this exploration, encourage new insights and challenge me every step of the way…